Hayes & Associates  Ethics Pledge®

As a respectable and credible interventionist/behavioral health professional, I commit to upholding the ethics of our industry, the treatment community, and the families we serve by pledging to never benefit financially from a patient in the form of unethical compensation. I acknowledge that accepting financial compensation (referral fees, marketing fees, or kickbacks) from referents is not only unethical, illegal under several circumstances, and highly suspect in the eyes of the federal government, but it also poses a threat to the patient’s and their family’s optimal treatment when financial compensation becomes a factor in determining a patient’s best course of treatment.

By the same token, as a treatment facility/treatment provider, I commit to upholding the ethics of our industry, the treatment community, and the families we serve by pledging to not engage in fraudulent insurance and billing practices (drug testing, service overbilling, etc.), pledging to never pay for referrals, pledging to never engage in paying for patients or compensating patients directly for their program involvement (body brokering and human-trafficking), pledging to never engage in fraudulent online and/or offline marketing practices (deceptive referral sites, bait and switch referral practices, etc.), and pledging to always be transparent with the families we serve and the industry we uphold.

I will do my part to ensure that the industry is ethically sound by pledging to be ethical, respectable, and a true agent for industry reform.

​​​In addition to the overwhelming and powerful response to our core interventionist/treatment provider pledge, the number of ethical professionals who responded with a request for a pledge specifically tailored for treatment facilities was staggering. As a result, we have amended The Hayes & Associates Ethics Pledge with language that speaks directly to treatment facilities and their commitment to ethical practices. 

The function of the Hayes & Associates Ethics Pledge is to offer a constantly evolving recovery constitution for our professional community in which ethics come first. If the core of our collective business and professional practices lacks a well-defined code of ethics, then we are doing a profound disservice to ourselves, our community, and the lives we are fighting to save.

The amended language is designed to widen our collective ethical commitment, and in no way does it preclude those who have previously signed the pledge. If you feel that the amended language prevents you from honoring the pledge, please contact us for removal from the list. We are building something extraordinary and encourage only those who fully support all aspects of the pledge to sign. 

Please read and share the amended Hayes & Associates Pledge and join us if, and only if, you are committed to authentic and ethical change within the industry we have all fought so hard to build.

 A respectable and ethical Interventionist/Treatment Facility/Treatment Provider is there to guide the patient and their family through the treatment process and provide support the entire way. He or she should teach the family how to set appropriate boundaries and maintain them before, during, and especially after an intervention or recognition of a behavioral health issue. Intervention and treatment are parts of the same process, not discrete events. 

An ethical and respectable Interventionist/Treatment Facility/Treatment Provider will stand by the patient and their family’s side throughout the entire process and under no circumstances should an individual ever benefit financially, through referral fees or any questionable compensation methods, from the patient’s treatment provider at any point during the process. In addition, no treatment provider should pay for referrals or compensate referents.  While such compensation may not yet be illegal, it is profoundly unethical. Whether they are called marketing fees, referral fees, affiliate compensation, or anything similar, they are indeed nothing more than kickbacks and ultimately muddy the ethical waters we have all fought so hard to protect. To be clear, if you are benefitting from or paying for referrals, you are breaking a critical ethical code, which is damaging and potentially deadly.

There are countless Interventionists/Treatment Facilities/Treatment Providers in existence, and we must keep in mind that all treatment decisions motivated by deceptive financial gain are potentially life threatening, unethical, and illegal under several circumstances. By signing the Hayes & Associates Ethics Pledge, you are committing to the following:


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Hayes & Associates Ethics Pledge

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