Hayes & Associates  Ethics Pledge®

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While the Hayes & Associates Ethics Pledge is not an accreditation, certification, governing body, or policing agency, it is most certainly a self-reporting, independent resource designed for families and professionals to quickly identify those in the industry willing to stand up for imperative ethical standards and professional integrity. If there are any questions about the credibility or ethics of an individual on the list, please direct your communication here and we will forward your concern(s) to the appropriate agency.  

Hayes & Associates Ethics Pledge ®

Heather R. Hayes, M. Ed., LPC, CIP, CAI, creator of the Hayes & Associates Ethics Pledge, is proud to stand with her colleagues who have signed the Ethics Pledge and made a commitment to the highest ethical standards and professional integrity.  

Every individual who has signed the pledge will be listed on this site, so that potential clients and their families can verify their commitment to ethics and reform.

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In a nutshell: Interventionists and behavioral health professionals harbor the responsibility to direct clients to treatment that will save their lives. And yet, as counter-intuitive as it sounds, treatment can actually end  a person's life if it isn't the very best treatment option for him or her. 

The concept is simple...And yet, somewhere along the way, the waters became muddied...
Why create an Ethics Pledge?
The simple purpose of this pledge is to create a perpetual list of ethical professionals that families in crisis can more accurately vet by asking one simple question, "Have you signed the Hayes & Associates Ethics Pledge?" 

If the answer is yes, then you can be certain that you are working with someone that has agreed to put ethics, integrity, and patient safety in front of their own financial gain.

Setting the Standard. 
​Putting Ethics First.